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Welcome to the brand new website of Frankie Deschacht, also known as Radio Amateur M6VMO.
This is only a beginning, currently there is a web shop present, where you will be able to buy some items which are surplus to requirement, you can also follow me on Facebook and on Twitter (use the buttons above to do so), and now some video material has been added on my Youtube channel, which went into operation now.

There is also a contact page on the site, where you can fill in a form to send me queries, questions and comments. You can send anything from radio related questions to suggestions on how I can improve the website, all your comments will be very welcome. If there is a need for it you will always receive a reply within 24 hours.

I am always open for feedback and suggestions and, of course, always happy to answer any questions you might have.

I will, of course, also have a picture page, with pictures of equipment, of course of my own shack and of certain radio events that might take place.
Also considered is an advice page with problem solving for radios and antennas or accessories.
There will also be a links page, referring to sites that give a wealth of information on HAM radio and which could be a great help for people looking for further help on the various aspects of the subject.